IRC Drâa-Tafilalet Holds Board of Directors – March 2022 Session


The Board of Directors of the Regional Investment Centre (IRC) was held in the Wilaya of the Drâa Tafilalet region on Monday 28 March 2022 in Errachidia. In accordance with Law 47.18 on the reform of Regional Investment Centres and the creation of Unified Regional Investment Commissions (Chapter II, Article 13), this March session was devoted to the review of the activities and results of fiscal 2021.

Chairing the Board of Directors, Mr. Wali of the Drâa-Tafilalet Region opened the session by pointing out that the role of the IRC transcends the conventional logic of strictly administrative management, to encompass its contribution to the optimization of the synergy of the conditions of a climate conducive to investment and the development of economic affairs in the territory, in execution of the High Royal Orientations.  He then commended the efforts of IRC Drâa-Tafilalet, recognizing its important contribution to the implementation of the State’s development policy, incentive, promotion and attraction of investment at regional level and support for enterprises, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises and very small enterprises. In addition, Mr Wali welcomes the results achieved by the IRC and the Unified Regional Investment Commission (CRUI) in reducing the processing times for investment cases and their efforts to boost the economy of the Drâa-Tafilalet, including:

The increase in the average number of files reviewed by the Unified Regional Investment Commission (CRUI) by +23% compared to 2020, with a total of 236 files processed;

The increase in the number of CRUI meetings held in 2021 by 66%: 83 meetings compared to 50 in 2020;

Improving the average processing time for investment files by the IRC: less than 12 hours in 2021 instead of 24 hours in 2020;

Improvement of the average processing time of files by the CRUI: the average time between receipt of the file and the taking of a final decision by the CRUI is 8.78 days against a 30-day period provided by Law 47.18;

Approval of 174 investment projects in 2021 compared to 106 in 2020, with a total investment of 5,443.45 million dirhams, and 4,282 jobs

The constructive and effective contribution of the IRC to both the development of the regional development plan and the implementation of different national strategies at regional level.

For his part, Mr. Allal EL BAZ, Director General of IRC Drâa-Tafilalet, provided a detailed annual review of F21 activities, noting that the Centre has made significant progress on performance indicators compared to previous years.

According to Mr. EL BAZ, this dynamic is the result of the fruitful contribution of the various actors of the Drâa Tafilalet Region, led by Mr. Wali of the Region, as well as the Governors of the five provinces, the directors and managers of the various institutions, territorial departments and decentralized services, not to mention the elected councils, private sector operators and civil society.

Thanks to its availability, its constructive listening, and the quality of its participation in the various events and activities related to the economic impulse of the Region, IRC Drâa-Tafilalet was able to build trust and establish a strong foundation for sustainable partnerships with this regional ecosystem.

Before the end of the session, the members of the Board of Directors unanimously welcomed the commendable efforts made by the IRC and its partners to reduce delays in the processing of investment files and its contribution to the economic dynamism of the Region, despite the constraints of financial and human resources and the difficult conditions linked to the context of the health crisis that impact the regional, national and global economic situation.

By way of closing remarks, Mr. EL BAZ reiterated his personal commitment and on behalf of his entire team to continue the momentum initiated and to strengthen its collaboration with the various regional and national stakeholders so that the IRC fulfils its missions correctly in accordance with the Will of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God glorify him.
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