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Whether it is historical films or actions, the plans adapt to all times and circumstances. A real boon for directors who are not forced to do long hours of flying in search of tracks that would faithfully concretize the ideas of their scenarios.

Ouarzazate, five hours from America and a few hours from Europe, offers them exceptional natural riches. The biggest film studios in the world have recently started to turn their backs on old destinations such as sites located in Latin America in front of «exorbitant compensation» claimed for the shooting or those of Tunisia or Egypt, for which Morocco becomes a competitor with which we should now count.

The shooting of foreign films in Ouarzazate is certainly not new. Since the First World War, many great filmmakers, from Alfred Hitchcock to David Lean, have chosen to plant their cameras there.


The Incentives:

The public policy of support for the sectors of the film industry, namely the film production sector, the film promotion sector, and the film exploitation and distribution sector, is structured around promotion programmes based mainly on financial incentives for production companies, film promotion activities, and film infrastructure.

Decree No. 2.17.373 amending and supplementing Decree No. 2.12.325 of 28 Ramadan 1433 (17 August 2012) sets out the conditions and procedures for aid to film production, digitization, renovation and creation of movie theatres and the organization of film festivals.

Under the provisions, and in addition to operations supported at the base, financial support is allocated to foreign production in Morocco of audiovisual and cinematographic works.

The conditions and criteria for granting such support and the methods of payment shall be determined by joint order of the Minister of Communication and the Minister of Finance.

The support is intended to encourage foreign production of audiovisual and cinematographic works in Morocco. But also, promote and strengthen the capacities of national film production through exchange with international experiences.

Support for the foreign production in Morocco of audiovisual and cinematographic works shall be granted within the framework of the legislative texts in force relating to the cinematographic industry and the specific specifications prepared for that purpose, and within the framework of the allocations allocated by the General Budget of the State to the Fund established by Article 44 of the Finance Law n°8.96 of the fiscal year 1996-1997.

This is a grant, the amount of which is fixed at 20% of the total expenditure made in Morocco and eligible for support. The conditions and criteria for granting support to foreign production in Morocco and the modalities of payment are fixed by joint decree of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Communication.

The region is the national leader in cinema. A pioneering territory in the hosting of film shootings in Africa. It has one of the most efficient ecosystems in the sector across Africa. This attractiveness especially of Ouarzazate is mainly due to the following assets:

Competitive costs and incentives

  • Diversity of landscapes and sunshine most of the year
  • Facilities: 3 studios (Oasis, Atlas, CLA studios)
  • Favourable reception platforms (international airport, hotels and reception facilities)
  • Qualified human resources (craftsmen, technicians, etc.)
  • Internationally renowned film capital (more than 200 films)
  • 45% of filming and investment at national level
  • Big budget shoots: Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, Black Hawk Down, Queen Of The Desert, Kingdom Of Heaven, Prison Break, The Last Temptation of Christ, etc.The sector employs over 90,000 people and is one of the key levers with enormous potential for investment. The film industry has a positive impact on the tourism, craft, trade and service sectors.
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