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1 = Doesn’t look like me at all
2 = Looks a bit like me
3 = This looks quite like me
4 = This looks totally like me
Question 1 2 3 4
1 - I am motivated by challenges and show optimism in
2 - I am passionate about novelties and innovation
3 - I know the reasons that motivate me to start a business and I have what it takes to carry out my project
4 - I am passionate and I know in depth the field in which I want to start my business
5 - I like to make decisions and I take them easily
6 - I am confident in my choices
7 - I know how to “sell” my ideas convincingly
8 - I have experience and/or training in my field and in management/business
9 - I like risk
10 - I am comfortable with the unknown and the unexpected
11 - I take advantage of my failures to improve myself
12 - I work well under pressure and keep a cool head
13 - I frequently have original ideas
14 - I find solutions easily
15 - I am curious by nature and I like to seek information
16 - I am able to sell my ideas in different ways each time
17 - I have a large network of personal and professional contacts
18 - If necessary, I find partners to overcome my weaknesses
19 - I like to lead by example and bring people together
20 - I am not afraid of the judgment of others
21 - I manage my time and my priorities well.
22 - I am dynamic and I quickly carry out the tasks to be accomplished
23 - I assume my responsibilities and I face difficult situations
24 - I am committed to projects and can stay focused for long hours on the same topic
25 - I am able to assert myself and express my ideas well
26 - I communicate easily both verbally and in writing
27 - I collaborate easily and I take advantage of the expertise of others
28 - I control my emotions well and I adapt to all situations.
29 - I am able to take initiatives
30 - I want to create my job and possibly several others
31 - I don't give up easily
32 - I work well alone, but I am also able to delegate
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