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Handicraft plays a very important role in the economy of the province of Drâa Tafilalet and is one of the fundamental characteristics of the daily life of this city. Thanks to national and international grants, a number of cooperatives and enterprises have emerged. Thus, various products have been developed based on wood, metal, wool, clay, stone, copper and bone, whose work has improved considerably while retaining their authenticity.

The Drâa Tafilalet artisanal complex is an essential structure to improve the technical knowledge of artisans in this province, develop their production and strengthen their professional organization. This complex combines several craft cooperatives operating in Drâa Tafilalet and was created to contribute to the development of this sector by creating a showcase to promote the artisanal products that make this province proud, including jewellery and carpets. This structure was also created with the aim of improving the working and living conditions of artisans and encouraging them to innovate in their work by creating artisanal products combining creativity and quality. In addition, this complex, intended for the vocational training of young people in the field of crafts, includes meeting rooms, offices for officials, exhibition rooms, a training room, as well as workshops on carpet weaving, jewellery production, wood products, footwear and cosmetic crafts.

  • Rich, authentic and diverse heritage
  • Craft product with strong cultural identity
  • 443 MMAD of CA in 2017, representing a contribution of 0.6% to the national turnover
  • 73,826 artisans in the region in 2019, representing 6.5% of artisans nationally
  • Artisan group in 284 cooperatives
  • Average annual productivity of MAD 95,000 per artisan, above the national average of MAD 80,000écran-2022-04-11-à-14.33.43.png
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