Intilaka Program

the Fund to support entrepreneurship created within the framework of the 2020 Finance Law and initially allocated 6 billion DH over 3 years (3 MMDH provided by banks and as much by the State), before the Hassan II Fund was put to contribution with 2 billion DH additional, in favor of the rural world.

This program, which contains several measures aimed at containing and overcoming the difficulties hindering access to funding for young project holders and very small and small businesses, intends to improve access to bank financing for the greatest number of qualified young people, project holders and from different social categories, to allow them to engage in entrepreneurship and benefit from the best chances of success.


The financing offer corresponds to refundable credits intended to finance

Investment expenses

Operating expenses

All sectors except real estate development and deep-sea fishing.


The financing offer is composed of several financing products developed by each of the banks concerned and which have a certain number of common characteristics.

These products are declined according to the type of need to be financed and according to the location of the projects:

Need to finance an investment.

Need to finance operating expenses.

Need to finance start-up working capital.

Location in an urban area according to the Ministry of the interior’s reference system.

Location in a rural area.

These products include 3 main categories:

Investment and operating loans known as “Intelak

Investment and operating loans called “Intelak Al Moustatmir Al Qarawi

The free loans “Start-TPE”.

Intelak” investment and operating loans:

They are intended for projects and companies in urban areas, all activities combined, excluding real estate development and deep-sea fishing.

What amounts of financing?

The total amount of investment and operating credits can reach up to 1.2 million DH per beneficiary.

What guarantees?

No personal guarantee

Guarantees related to the project (premises, equipment, business). No personal guarantee is committed in the form of a deposit

For the companies in creation, a projected turnover lower or equal to 10 million DH.

* For existing companies having their activity in urban area

  1. a turnover lower or equal to 10 million DH
  1. be created since 5 years maximum

* For companies having their activity in rural areas

  1. a turnover inferior or equal to 10 million DH
  1. be created since 5 years maximum. Are exempted from this condition the agricultural exploitations which can be either new creations, or significant reconversions of the exploitation, or innovative investments or allowing a modernization of the activity.

* For companies exporting to Africa, a turnover of less than or equal to 10 million DH without any seniority condition.


– Young graduates / qualified project leaders

– Self-employed entrepreneurs registered in the national register

– Individual entrepreneurs who do not have the status of self-entrepreneurs

– Very Small Enterprises including traders

– Artisans

– Individual farmers and agricultural operators

– Individual entrepreneurs and VSEs in the rural world

– Very small exporting companies – Start-ups – Cooperatives

* Justification of activity if natural person (RC – card of the Auto-entrepreneur). * Copy of CIN. * CV. * Copy of diplomas * Application for funding. * Business plan. * Quote and invoice proformat. * Contart of lease. * Legal file for the company.

Through your bank.

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