Strategic studies

Conducting a strategic study for developing the agricultural industry sector and establishing designated areas in the Draa-Tafilalet region.

The agricultural region (60% of regional GDP) embodies little added value derived from the low valuation of its agricultural wealth and is still underdeveloped. Marketing agricultural products in their raw state deprives economic agents of a large proportion of the value added captured elsewhere through agro-industrial structures. Within this framework, the Regional Investment Center Draa-Tafilalet plans to conduct a strategic study to determine the strategic scenario developed as an operational model for agricultural development – the agro-industry of agricultural products in the region. Of great importance is the creation of favorable conditions for private investment, particularly in the processing of agricultural products, the provision of agricultural inputs and services in order to achieve a fairly capital-intensive development at the regional level.

Objectives of the study

  • Evaluation of the agricultural sector about the agricultural industry;
  • Identify and analyze sectors of excellence in which the region has competitive advantages;
  • Submit proposals for action on the factors of competitiveness of the region, with a vision of development that will allow the creation of integrated and efficient ecosystems;
  • Suggesting scenarios to raise the level of Draa-Tafilalet to the point where it becomes among the centers of excellence at the national and global levels in the agricultural industry that promotes the region’s products.
    Study consistency
  • Diagnosis
  • Establishing a general framework for the value chain for each sector of the agricultural sector and the types of relationships between the various links (production, storage, distribution, processing, and export);
  • Perform careful analysis (micro, average, and macro) for each hypothetical superiority value chain;
  • The status of the agro-industrial sector about the region’s economy and investment prospects in this sector
  • Create a national and international standard.
  • Presenting strategic scenarios for the development of the agricultural industry sector
  • Develop the proposed scenarios through concrete and practical action plans for implementation and development. Possibility
  • Define project concepts;
  • Project Concepts Test
  • Assessment of the socio-economic impact on the region.
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